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5 Ways to Improve Your Lead Management at Trade Shows

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Why does your business participate in trade shows? Is it to boost sales? In reality, it's a crucial aspect of an efficient lead-generation approach that brings more potential clients to your company. Trade shows offer an excellent opportunity to engage with like-minded prospects and making a most out of it can generate good business for your company.

So, here are a few suggestions to enhance your lead-management tactics while exhibiting at trade shows:

1. Enhance the Appeal of Your Trade Show Booth

Being part of a trade show allows you to engage with potential clients and existing customers (both professionals and consumers) who share your interests. You can incorporate your company's logo and color theme in your trade show exhibit design, making it easier for clients to remember you. Consistently using the same colors throughout your booth materials, from tablecloths to banners, is an effective way to do this.

2. Train Your Booth Staff in Lead Generation Techniques

A robust lead generation tool can handle much of the work involved in generating and managing leads. However, that doesn't mean you can overlook the importance of selecting the right booth staff and allowing just anyone to manage your displays. Discuss with your staff beforehand, and provide training to help them maximize the number of leads generated at each event. You might even consider running mock trade shows for them to practice interacting with attendees before the actual event.

3. Understanding the Criteria for a Qualified Lead

A crucial aspect of your team's training is ensuring that they comprehend what constitutes a qualified lead. While the criteria may vary for each company, some general guidelines to consider include:

• A prospect intending to buy within a specific time frame

• A prospect exhibiting particular needs that your business can address

Once your team is aware of what defines a qualified lead, they must also learn what information to gather from each attendee (such as phone numbers and email addresses) to qualify them.

4. Forwarding Only Qualified Leads to Sales

Ensure that your staff forwards only qualified leads to the sales team. This approach will pave the way for more successful interactions following the event and improve the overall outcome of your trade show exhibit.

5. Consistently Follow Up

Typically, closing a deal requires several follow-ups. It's unlikely that everyone you interact with will be prepared to make a purchase on the trade show day itself. However, by following up with them a few days later, they may be more inclined to proceed. As a result, it's crucial to plan follow-up sessions after the event concludes. Utilizing your lead management tool ensures you stay on track and maintain communication with potential clients.

In conclusion, effectively managing leads at trade shows is crucial for business growth and success. By implementing these five smart strategies - setting clear goals, using a lead capture system, prioritizing leads, providing targeted follow-up actions, and utilizing data analytics to optimize future efforts - you can significantly improve your lead management process. This will not only increase your conversion rates but also enhance your overall trade show experience, maximizing the return on investment for your business. UltraTend can help you with customized comprehensive strategies through which you can make the most out of every opportunity that comes your way at trade shows.

With UltraTend’s holistic approach as a turnkey solution provider and 8+ years of industry experience, we can bring you the edge that can set you apart from the competition and generate maximum ROI from trade shows. So, buckle up and reach out for a free consultation now at +44 20 3807 9480 or mail us at to drop your query today!

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