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15 Ways to Boost Lead Generation from Trade Shows

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

In today's competitive business landscape, maximizing your presence at trade shows is essential for success. But how can you stand out among the sea of booths and exhibitors? This blog post will unveil transformative digital techniques to supercharge your lead-generation efforts and captivate your target audience. Dive in and unleash your business's full potential with these 15 game-changing leads-generation strategies!

#15. Grasp the Essence of the Trade Show Atmosphere

Treat tradeshows as valuable business prospects, as they offer a chance to engage with an increased number of potential clients in a single day. So, it is important for you to effectively navigate two or three stages of the sales process and reach the key decision-makers by establishing a solid strategy for your sales team.

#14. Establish Realistic Goals – Balancing Marketing and Sales

It is common for Sales and Marketing Departments to have varying objectives for the same event. So, ensure that you make your goals SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-dependent. Allocate particular objectives to each department or individual involved in the event, so that everyone comprehends their role in ensuring its success.

#13. Staff the Booth with Suitable Personnel

An enthusiastic booth crew greatly influences visitor impressions and engagement. So, choose your staff members carefully, considering their ability to communicate effectively, show excitement about the event, contribute as part of a unified team, and ultimately generate more business for your company.

#12. Ensure Booth Employees Utilize Effective Tradeshow Sales Techniques

An effective tradeshow selling process should occur within six minutes. The crucial steps that you should include are:

· Engage & Greet – (30 seconds)

· Qualify – (90 seconds)

· Dismiss Timewasters – (15 seconds)

· Accredit Qualified Individuals – Demonstrate product (2-4 minutes)

· Post-Demonstration – Close (90 seconds)

#11. Captivate attendees

Offering an exclusive prize or a reward, or organizing a contest related to your product or service can effectively grab visitors' attention and generate potential clients. It's crucial to halt the visitor's wandering thoughts and stimulate their minds into action.

#10. Ensure your team displays Positive Body Language

Some of the key aspects that you must consider are:

· Maintain eye contact with guests.

· Be approachable and energetic.

· Exhibit open body language at the booth.

· Avoid creating any barriers for visitors to interact with you.

· Be an attentive listener – refrain from interrupting your customers.

#9. Proactively engage with event attendees

A common issue in the trade show industry is exhibitors relying on a "build it, and they will come" mindset. Event organizers can guide visitors to the exhibition floor, but attracting them to your booth is your responsibility. Just having a large booth or appealing giveaways won't guarantee success. The key to transforming a good event into an outstanding one is how proactive your staff members are and how they engage with passersby.

#8. Politely let go of irrelevant visitors at your booth

Always keep in your mind:

· Unqualified visitors consume valuable time.

· Unqualified visitors are unlikely to help you meet your goals.

· Communicate freely with qualified visitors with whom you've already connected.

· Do not unnecessarily entertain competing exhibitors.

· Refrain from neighboring booth attendees seeking casual conversation.

#7. Effective Presentations and Crowd Engagement

A busy booth is always a positive indicator. The more attendees you have, the greater the interest from others. One of the most successful methods to draw a crowd to your booth is by conducting live presentations or product demonstrations. However, it's essential to make these interactive, involve the audience, and keep them brief – no longer than 10 minutes.

#6. Efficient Utilization of Promotional Literature, Giveaways, and Attractions

Distribute your promotional items to potential leads rather than just giving them away without any criteria. Make visitors earn the items you're offering. Organize a prize draw; qualify them; and then provide a promotional item once you've received a business card. The same principle applies to attractions. Having an attraction is not enough – it's crucial to have a strategy in place to optimize the return on investment for your attraction.

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So, now, are you ready to revolutionize your trade show lead generation strategy? In today's digital landscape, traditional marketing efforts alone won't cut it anymore. In this blog post, we’ve dived into the game-changing digital techniques that are guaranteed to skyrocket your leads at trade shows. Join us as we unveil the secrets that will have businesses clamoring to work with you! Reach out at +44 20 3807 9480 or mail us at NOW!

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