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The purpose

What is the purpose of a Trade Fair?

The major purpose of Trade Fair includes lead generation, collection of industry insights & competitor insights, customer & distributor prospecting, supplier sourcing, latest product launch, distribution of services, brand visibility & PR activities. 

Why shall you participate in a Trade Fair?

Trade Fairs are a powerful marketing medium that helps boost business growth and development at an International level. 


How would you achieve success at a trade fair?

Trade fairs actually provide us a huge platform where a lot of activities need to be taken up in order to achieve the desired ROI. Some of the major steps to preparation would include the following –

  • Collaborating with event organizers.

  • Securing favourable booth location.

  • Data collection for gathering insight.

  • Pre-event awareness.

  • Strategy for maximum footfall.

  • Customer follow-up.

Why most miss the "BIG Picture”?

Exhibitors try to on focus on multitasking right before the trade fairs & exhibitions and thus, often end up missing out on the big picture.

An exhibitor's outlook should ideally be focused on extracting the best possible ROI. The management and consulting partner should be left to cater to everything else.


What is your best solution?

The best solution is to reach out to an ideal consulting partner who can be the single focal point for your entire setup, with maximum focus to your ROI generation. The partner will also be responsible to covert your entire branding and PR into the setup as well as manage the different vendors and contractors to ensure supreme execution.  

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ULTRATEND LTD proudly acknowledges the logos of various exhibitions and trade shows displayed on our website. These logos are the exclusive property of their respective organizers.

The inclusion of these logos is for informational purposes, highlighting ULTRATEND's participation or association with these events. We do not claim any ownership or endorsement from the organizers of these exhibitions and trade shows. All copyrights and trademarks remain with their rightful owners.

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Exhibiting Globally?

We, at UltraTend stand out from the crowd because of our diverse network of trusted & quality vendors across the globe in places such as Europe, The Middle East. North America and The Far East Asia.

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