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5 Questions to Ask While Choosing the Right Trade Show

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Choosing the right trade show for your brand can be an overwhelming decision, given the vast number of shows taking place everywhere. So, how can you determine the best trade show for your needs? By asking yourself a series of straightforward questions, you'll be able to come to a clear conclusion.

The first question that you must ask yourself is what is the budget that you should allocate for a trade show?

To determine your budget for a specific trade show, it's crucial to conduct in-depth research on the potential costs involved. There are numerous large-scale and globally recognized shows, which may require substantial investment to participate in. Therefore, understanding the proportion of your budget designated for these events is essential. Once you've decided on a specific trade show, ensure that your budget is sufficient to execute the project.

Come! Let’s take a look at the 5 key pointers that you must consider while choosing the right trade show.

#5. What is your goal while participating in a trade show?

It's crucial to understand your specific objectives when participating in a trade show. For instance, if your aim is to sell products, focus on consumer shows. However, if you're looking to establish business connections and expand your network, you'll need to target purchasers, buyers, and wholesalers. In this case, concentrate on trade shows exclusive to business professionals.

#4. Did you identify your competitors and the trade shows they are attending?

Closely monitor your competitors' involvement in various trade shows, as they may have substantial funding for participating in high-profile events that require significant budgets. If possible, secure a small booth at these events to assess the market. If that isn't feasible, consider attending trade shows where other major or minor companies in your industry are exhibiting. You can find participant information on trade show organizer websites or official trade show web pages.

#3. Is there a market or demand for your business in the trade show venue?

Participating in a European trade show may seem like a great opportunity. However, if there is no existing market or demand for your products, it may not be worth investing a large sum of money in such an event. To make an informed decision, you can conduct extensive market research or consult with industry experts to determine if there is potential for growth in the location-specific market.

#2. Do you know the city and venue well?

Being acquainted with the city and the venue's regulations makes participating in a trade show less daunting. However, unfamiliarity may lead to unexpected situations or eleventh-hour hiccups that can impact your exhibition experience. Thus, after purchasing stand space, it's wise to enlist the aid of an expert exhibition service consultant. Language barriers and budgets may influence your choice of country for participation, but a local stand builder can alleviate this stress by handling labour and logistical concerns for you.

#1. Who is exhibiting and attending the trade fair?

To determine which businesses are participating in and attending the trade fair, first conduct your own research. Afterward, reach out to local Business Support Organizations (BSOs) as their extensive experience in organizing trade fair participation can offer valuable assistance. The insights they provide will undoubtedly aid you in narrowing down the most suitable trade show for your needs.

Taking note of these pointers before participating in a trade show can enhance your visibility, build connections with your target audience, and optimize the effects of your involvement. And this is where UltraTend can assist you in leveraging your trade show and marketing experience.

With our holistic approach, know-how on the latest tech, and 8+ years of industry experience, we can bring you exactly what you’ve been looking for. So, buckle up and join us on this enlightening journey to grow your market globally! Reach out now at +44 20 3807 9480 or mail us at to drop your query today!

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