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5 Reasons You Should Hire Staff For Your Trade Show Booth

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

With trade shows making a comeback, it's more crucial than ever to augment your exhibit staff with engaging, knowledgeable, and dynamic trade show professionals. Post-COVID-19, many businesses face travel and budget constraints. Budget limitations necessitate smarter allocation of resources and precise accounting for every expenditure. Employing the skills of dedicated and seasoned trade show experts could be the key to maintaining exceptional customer service and product education at your booth, even with a smaller team.

Therefore, if you aim to make a significant impact at your upcoming trade show or face limited resources and personnel, it's time to enlist professional help. Here are five reasons why you might want to consider this approach for your next in-person event.

1. Save Money with Local Booth Staff

Travel expenses are continually rising. By employing local booth staff, substantial savings can be achieved by keeping part of your sales team at the main office. Local booth staff don't require accommodation or meal costs. UltraTend can offer you the flexibility to select the staff members that represent your brand accurately.

2. Attract Attendees with Specialized Booth Staff

While your sales team may have in-depth product knowledge, they might struggle to grab attendees' attention as efficiently as an attractive greeter or a costumed character, like Jessica Jones, for instance. Customizing your booth staff to match your business gives you a distinctive advantage in a competitive trade show environment.

3. Handling the Spotlight with Ease

Booth staff and show models are trained to draw attention. Your sales team excels in presenting and engaging in small group discussions, but trade show floors can be hectic with numerous potential customers passing by. Allow your sales team to focus on their strengths and leave welcoming, introductions, and small talk to the skilled booth personnel.

4. Creating Buzz through Booth Staff

Not only do booth staff attract attendees, but they also contribute to making your booth an enjoyable spot for visitors. They can take pictures with guests, organize raffles or giveaways, and manage trade show games. If you want your booth and brand to be the talk of the event, hiring booth staff is a wise decision.

5. Utilizing Booth Staff Expertise in Trade Shows

Lastly, nobody understands the success factors of a trade show better than seasoned booth staff. They've witnessed countless companies fail or thrive across various industries. They're adept in conversing with attendees and can even help pre-qualify leads.

So, should you employ professional trade show staff? It's worth thinking about. In-person events like trade shows offer unique sales and networking possibilities that can't be easily replicated by other marketing strategies. This is why 94% of exhibitors are preparing for the resurgence of their trade show activities.

However, if you plan to send a smaller team, it's crucial to consider how your company's presence will impact customers, potential clients, and visitors with limited resources. Trade show professionals serve as the face of your exhibit. Once you discover the advantages of enhancing your team with these friendly experts, you'll want to use them repeatedly.

So, don't let this year's trade show or convention slip by without seizing the opportunity. UltraTend can help you hire top-notch booth staff that can make your booth become the center of attraction. With our holistic approach as a turnkey solution provider and 8+ years of industry experience, we can bring you the edge that can set you apart from the competition. So, buckle up and reach out for a free consultation now at +44 20 3807 9480 or mail us at to drop your query today!

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