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6 Disruptive Innovations Reshaping The Future of Trade Show Marketing

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

The incorporation of cutting-edge technology plays a crucial role in determining the efficacy and triumph of trade shows. In our daily lives, we utilize technology that is personalized, engaging, and serves a purpose. Consequently, the tech implemented in exhibitions should align with these characteristics. It is essential to capitalize on the interactivity that technology provides, as it can add depth to your exhibit designs and contribute to crafting unforgettable experiences.

In this discussion, we will explore 6 most recent technological trends within the trade show industry that are revolutionizing exhibitions and events.

#6. Biometric Technology

The concept of "biometric technology" encompasses the detection and quantification of unique biological characteristics in individuals, such as facial features, heart rates, and iris patterns, to trace and identify them. By harnessing the capabilities of computer systems, you can employ biometrics to monitor customers through an array of devices that can capture and store facial images, vocal patterns, fingerprints, retinal scans, and more.

As the biometrics sector is still in its early stages of commercialization and promotion, the majority of exhibitors have chosen conventional applications, incorporating fitness tracking devices to log the steps taken or calories burned by attendees during an event. However, a few avant-garde companies have implemented products that assess participants' emotional states and subsequently display pertinent text-based reactions to their emotions on a booth screen. While biometrics are not yet commonplace on the trade show scene, with substantial ingenuity, this technology can serve as a captivating and remarkable feature in your upcoming exhibition.

#5. Electrically Conductive Ink

Electrically conductive ink is a specialized liquid substance that facilitates the transmission of electricity when used to create a design or pattern. It comprises four primary elements: a solvent, conductive material, polymer binder, and an electrical power source such as a battery. When applied to conventional materials, conductive ink can effectively transform them into electronic devices. Upon activation, typically through touch, these enhanced materials display various functionalities such as playing music, illuminating artwork, or providing heat.

There are multiple techniques for applying conductive ink, including screen printing, flexography or rotogravure processes, spraying, dipping, syringe dispensing, and stencil printing. Each formulation of conductive ink is tailored to suit a specific application method. For instance, screen printing conductive inks usually contain a solvent base because their water-based counterparts evaporate too rapidly and exhibit low viscosity levels.

Interactive paper posters or stable wall displays employing conductive ink can be implemented in your exhibition booths. This allows visitors to interact with them just as they would with touchscreen devices like an iPhone or iPad. The utilization of conductive ink is not limited to stationary walls; portable devices can also benefit from this technology. For example, Hershey introduced the Take5 Remixer – resembling an 80's calculator – which was designed as a mobile musical mixer. Pioneering the use of conductive ink for packaging in the United States and featuring built-in speakers, the remixer allowed users to create over 30,000 distinctive sound combinations through its 15-button interface.

#4. Curved Displays

Though not entirely novel within the consumer realm, concave, curvilinear screens have recently permeated the exhibition sphere, rendering a distinctive visual impact. When an array of these displays are seamlessly integrated into bespoke mounting systems, the extensive, subtle curvature embellished with high-definition imagery becomes truly remarkable.

The compelling nature of this visual allure is self-evident; it will not only captivate viewers but also enhance the prominence of your showcased content – which, incidentally, does not necessitate custom production for these displays. Additionally, contemporary advances render the synchronization of multiple videos across adjacent screens a facile task, ultimately manifesting an awe-inspiring spectacle that complements nearly any setting.

Emerging technological trends in trade shows have become easily accessible for exhibitors now. While it can be tempting to focus on acquiring the latest and most impressive gadgets, it's crucial to ensure that anything added to your booth strongly aligns with your message, product, or company.

Context plays a vital role in creating a lasting, memorable experience beyond a fleeting moment of intrigue. Incorporating interactivity through these technologies can capture attendees' attention for an unforgettable moment. However, seamlessly integrating it with the context of a new marketing launch or brand experience enables people to connect with your offerings, making it a worthwhile and memorable experience deserving of the investment.

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