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Want to exhibit at a trade show but can’t travel? Here’s a solution!

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

As an exhibitor, you cannot be in all places at all times. But what if there’s a way to do it?

Various constraints or commitments often restrict exhibitors to participate in trade fairs. In these scenarios, Remote Active Participation (RAP) can be a lifesaver.

So, what is Remote Active Participation and how can it help you?? In this article, we will explore the answers to the above questions. And you will learn to use Remote Active Participation (RAP) to your benefit while saving 50% of your total expenses.

What is Remote Active Participation (RAP)?

Through Remote Active Participation, you can exhibit at multiple trade shows at the same time, directly from your base location. As the exhibiting company, you can opt to take a small booth at the venue. And the booth setup, company branding, AV installation, and on-spot client handling will be managed by team UltraTend. This way, you can be virtually present at multiple venues while achieving the same lead generation & brand exposure. You also end up saving up to 50% of the total participation cost.

How is RAP different from participating in Virtual Exhibitions?

In Virtual exhibitions, your existence is purely based on a digital platform. Due to this, the chances of lead generation and conversion are limited. Whereas, in Remote Active participation, you can have a well-defined physical presence at the venue. Additionally, you also enjoy the ease of access and communication while saving your budget.

Advantages of Remote Active Participation over “In-Person” presence?

· Work Continuity - Your regular workflow remains intact as the team does not have to leave the office premises & travel to the exhibition venue.

· Efficient Client Handling - Your booth is handled by professional staff who are more focused on client handling than your sales or marketing representatives.

· Multi-Location Participation - You gain more exposure & convert more leads by participating in multiple trade shows at the same time.

Why should you choose Remote Active participation?

There are many benefits that you can attain by choosing Remote Active Participation. Some of the benefits are as follows –

· Saved time and resources - You can save a lot of time and resources that could otherwise be spent on traveling or involving in booth setup & related activities.

· Instant team accessibility - Your team can engage with visitors and clients from their original workplace. This ensures team agility without hampering your regular workflow.

· Saves 50% of expenditure - You save up to 50% of the total expenditure that could go for boarding, lodging & local conveyance of the team at the venue.

· Ease of product demonstration - Product & service demonstration becomes easier as you can use presentations and pre-recorded videos to explain complicated procedures.

· Reduced carbon footprints - This procedure is sustainable for the long run and you can actively contribute by reducing your carbon footprints.

Lead your success with Remote Active Participation.

· Step 1 – Reach out to or +44 20 3807 9480 for a free consultation & tell us about your expectations from Remote Active Participation.

· Step 2 – Get a customized solution based on your requirement & budget and finalize your designs & deliverables & leave the on-site work to us.

· Step 3 – Enjoy the benefits of trade show participation with a bare minimum budget and get your basket of qualified leads to achieve your business goals.

So, buckle up and reach out at +44 20 3807 9480 or to freeze your 5-figure savings plan NOW!

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