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10 creative trade show marketing ideas to beat your competition

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

At any trade show, exhibitors have the potential to discover a vast array of opportunities and achieve the majority of their objectives. But, countless exhibitors attend these events with the intention of accomplishing similar aims and aspirations.

Now, you might be wondering:

“How can I accomplish my trade show objectives amidst such fierce competition? Or What approach should I adopt to mitigate competition?”

Let me tell you, the solution majorly lies in marketing. By promoting your trade show participation, you can spark much-needed enthusiasm among your target audience for your products and services. This is what will ultimately encourage them to visit your display booth.

To assist you in excelling at the trade show, here are some ingenious marketing strategies to outshine your competitors.

#10. Initiate contests across digital media channels prior to the trade show:

Executing and curating contests pertinent to your trade show involvement can captivate and allure your audience base. This may encompass polls, quizzes, and surveys. Your social media followers can contribute to expanding your reach by inviting others to partake in these contests.

You can offer incentives such as event tickets, promotional codes, or discounted coupons to amplify the appeal of the contests.

#9. Offer sneak peeks of your exhibit space:

To generate excitement among your audience regarding your trade show attendance, it is advisable to offer sneak peeks of your exhibit area. You could share pre-show videos, photos, and engaging snippets. These sneak peeks can encompass video descriptions of specific products or solutions, a brief tour of the exhibit space, or a concise clip showcasing the exhibition hall. This enables visitors to grasp the essence of the trade show and your company's offerings.

#8. Extend personal invitations to your existing clientele:

Leveraging your well-established relationships can amplify your presence at the trade show, as these partners can endorse the event to others and accompany them to your innovative, attention-grabbing exhibit. Reaching out and personally inviting them not only strengthens these partnerships but also enhances the likelihood of repeat business, thereby contributing to your sales objectives.

#7. Integrate gaming experiences into your booth:

Innovative marketing techniques encompass various interactive elements within your trade show events. This can involve engaging activities, hands-on demonstrations, and entertaining games. Including games as a part of your trade show presentation has the potential to draw numerous visitors to your booth. Integrating gaming experiences such as touchscreen quizzes, trivia contests, jeopardy, and augmented reality scavenger hunts can be achieved with the help of a skilled trade show booth builder like UltraTend for your exhibit.

#6. Leverage the trade show's official digital platform:

The majority of visitors planning to attend the trade show frequently monitor the event's official online portal for the latest notifications and developments. Engaging with attendees digitally positions you as a prominent trader. Interact with these participants through Q&A sessions, live conversations, web-based discussions, and other activities orchestrated by the trade show organizers.

Navigating the competitive landscape of a trade show is an inevitable challenge, yet it can be strategically addressed through a variety of marketing approaches. Some tactics can be gleaned from the aforementioned text, while additional expertise may be attained via collaborating with a seasoned marketing and trade show solution provider like UltraTend.

With our 8+ years of industry experience, and a wide range of turnkey solutions, UltraTend can bring you exactly what you’ve been looking for. So, reach out now at +44 20 3807 9480 or mail us at to grow your market globally now!

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