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Navigating Remote Trade Show Management: 7 Key Steps for Success

When we talk about involvement in trade shows, people often picture an exciting, jet-setting lifestyle. However, the reality is quite different. As a face-to-face marketer, you may spend minimal time on the actual show floor. We've come across exhibit managers overseeing their company's presence at various events, yet they might only attend a handful. Instead, they are immersed in office tasks—navigating through spreadsheets and invoices—while the sales teams engage with clients.

While this might seem like a bit of an exaggeration, it highlights a fundamental truth: you can't always be physically present at every event. Over time, we've realized that effective remote trade show management hinges on clear, streamlined processes to ensure no detail is overlooked. Here are some insights to help you and your on-site team succeed when overseeing a trade show from a distance.

#7. Develop a Comprehensive Show Packet: 

Craft a detailed operations plan, often referred to as the "Pre-Show Communication" document. Begin with foundational details like event dates, booth location, hall layout, and key contacts. Organize this chronologically, outlining tasks during setup and teardown. For instance, you’ve coordinated an island exhibit where you’ve scheduled riggers and suppliers with precision. Such a structured approach ensures that any on-site team member can grasp the plan instantly.

#6. Ensure Information Accessibility: 

Besides chronological details, include contact information for essential stakeholders. Incorporate all necessary documentation, from contracts to exhibit layouts, ensuring both hard and digital copies are accessible. Given potential connectivity issues, equipping your team with devices loaded with essential files is prudent.

#5. Appoint a Lead Coordinator: 

Prior to the event, nominate a reliable individual to serve as the primary on-site coordinator. This person, whether titled a "booth leader" or "captain," should understand their responsibilities inside out. While seniority is valuable, prioritize competence and organizational skills over rank.

#4. Facilitate Clear Communication: 

Gather your key stakeholders for a thorough briefing, discussing every aspect of the plan. Avoid relying solely on emails; in-person or virtual meetings foster better understanding. Clarify objectives and ensure everyone aligns with the event's goals.

#3. Provide Training and Preparation: 

Your appointed lead will benefit from detailed guidance for each phase of the event, from setup to teardown. Establish communication protocols, task lists, and contingency plans. Regular check-ins, with real-time updates or video tours, can further ensure smooth operations.

#2. Emphasize Lead Retrieval and Content Creation: 

Ensure your on-site lead understands lead collection processes and is equipped to capture essential moments for marketing purposes. Offering clear directives, such as specific photo requirements or video snippets, can elevate the quality of content generated.

#1. Optimize Post-Event Procedures: 

Facilitate a seamless conclusion by providing clear instructions for packing and shipping. Including labeled envelopes, shipping details, and clear packing guidelines can expedite the process.

In essence, while challenges might arise, meticulous planning and clear processes can mitigate most issues. Preparing your team effectively can reduce the need for constant interventions, ensuring the event's success and minimizing disruptions.

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